Nouryon and INEOS Nitriles Break Ground on Facilities in Germany

Nouryon and INEOS Nitriles have broken ground on facilities to be built at INEOS’ Köln site in Germany. Nouryon stated that the units will produce raw materials for the company’s high-quality, readily biodegradable chelates, used in detergents and other industries. The plants are due to be completed in 2021–2022.

According to Nouryon, demand for chelates has increased strongly following the European ban on phosphates in consumer automatic dishwasher detergents. INEOS will operate and maintain the new facilities as well as provide key raw materials. The agreement is similar to an existing partnership between INEOS and Nouryon at their adjacent facilities in Lima, Ohio, United States.

“This long-term agreement with INEOS will support the growth of customer demand for readily biodegradable chelates in home and personal care applications such as detergents, which are a key strategic market for us,” said Larry Ryan, executive vice president and president of Performance Formulations and the Americas at Nouryon.

The startup of the new facilities will strengthen Nouryon’s global footprint in the supply of readily biodegradable chelates to Asia, Europe, and North America, according to the company. It follows completion of production facilities at Ningbo, China in 2016 and is reportedly the next step to expand Nouryon’s capabilities to meet the needs of its customers in the European market.

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