Nexeo Solutions Named Distributor of Evonik Acrylic-Based Medical Products

Evonik Cyro LLC has selected Nexeo Solutions to distribute Evonik’s acrylic-based polymer products CYROLITE ®, XT® POLYMER, CYREX®, CYROLITE® MD, and Vu-Stat® for the medical device and diagnostic industries. The territories of distribution include the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Latin America.

“Expanding our Healthcare portfolio with performance materials from Evonik is a great addition to our offering of specialty plastics for the medical industry,” said Shawn Williams, executive vice president of Plastics at Nexeo Solutions. “Our customers will benefit from Evonik’s commitment to innovation and quality, coupled with our technical expertise and industry-leading supply chain network to deliver exceptional acrylic-based products that meet demanding requirements.”