KRAHN CHEMIE to Distribute ExxonMobil´s Oxo Alcohols and Neo Acids

KRAHN CHEMIE GmbH has announced the distribution of Exxal™ oxo alcohols, ExxonMobil™ neo acids and Vammar D10 of ExxonMobil™ in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. This is an extension of the existing partnership with Pietro Carini, the Italian subsidiary of KRAHN. Additionally, KRAHN is also distributing the ExxonMobil product Vammar D10, which is used as a high boiling carrier or diluent for defoamers.

“We are proud to expand our cooperation with ExxonMobil™, one of the world´s largest backward-integrated chemical manufacturers. I personally know and value ExxonMobil™ as a powerful partner for many years now as KRAHN also distributes ExxonMobil´s base oils and plasticizers. This is a very trustful and constructive cooperation,” said Björn Maring, business segment manager Lubricants at KRAHN CHEMIE.

“For ExxonMobil’s chemical intermediates product group, we look back on many years of an outstanding partnership with Pietro Carini, the Italian subsidiary of KRAHN CHEMIE. This cooperation has proven that KRAHN is a competent and reliable partner for its customers. Therefore, we have decided to extend working with KRAHN CHEMIE to other regions,” stated Oliver Stier, senior account executive Chemical Intermediates of ExxonMobil™.

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