Extreme Coatings Announces Construction of Facility in Austria

The Austrian flag waving in the wind.

Extreme Coatings, a supplier of wear-resistant coating solutions for the plastics and rubber industries, has announced the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Austria to produce high-performance coatings for feedscrews in injection molding and extrusion applications.

The company has established a European subsidiary, Extreme Coatings GmbH, and formed a strategic partnership with FS Maschinenbau, an Austrian engineering services company, to operate the facility. The plant in Gmunden, Austria, is on track to open by Oct. 1.

The increased capacity in Europe will shorten lead times, reduce shipping costs, and establish local supply for Extreme Coatings’ customer base throughout Europe, according to Scott Caplan, executive vice president, Extreme Coatings. The company says the 15,000-sq-ft Austria plant will expand Extreme Coatings’ global footprint, which includes operations in India, South Korea and Chile.

‘‘The market demand for our wear-resistant coatings has shown exponential growth in several key application areas for quite some time,” Caplan says. “We’ve expanded our global footprint so we can break the logistical logjam that exists today and ensure stable supply to all key European regions.”

Europe continues to be a growing area for plastics manufacturing with feedscrew coatings playing a pivotal role in optimizing the performance of injection molding and extrusion machinery for production of automotive, household goods and building products.