Dowd and Guild Completes Management Buyout

Dowd and Guild Inc. has announced the completion of the management buyout (MBO) and appointment of its executive team. According to the company, the MBO was part of a succession plan that started  in 2011. The new leadership team will be Tim Fetters, CEO; Patrick Kelly, president; Tina Onderbeke, executive vice president; and Jeffrey Moore, vice president of Commercial Development with Fetters. Additionally, Kelly and Onderbeke were elected to the Board of Directors. The founders, Tom Dowd and Howard Guild will continue in an advisory role to the new ownership team.

“As we enter the next phase for our company, we will build on the foundation that is in place today and continue to work closely with our principals, customers, and partners to ensure a seamless transition. This is a sign of stability for our company in a market that has experienced tremendous churn and consolidation. We are entering an exciting period for Dowd and Guild Inc,” said Fetters.