Latest Industry News

CARACAL Defers Action on ECHA Titanium Dioxide Classification Recommendation, Seeks Comment

November 29, 2017 Industry News
Should the proposed classification as a Category 2 (Animal) Carcinogen be finalized under the CLP, onerous new labeling requirements will be required for TiO2-containing products, leading to market unease, with implications for product quality, performance and waste management.

EPA Proposes Delay of WOTUS Rule until 2020

November 20, 2017 Industry News
ACA supports EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts to effect changes to the rule that will provide continuity and certainty for regulated entities, the States, agency staff, and the public.

Federal Agencies Issue Guidance on Changes to U.S.-Cuba Policy

November 20, 2017 Industry News
The National Security Presidential Memorandum issued in June directs the Secretaries of Commerce, State, and Treasury to take certain actions to implement the President's Cuba policy, affecting trade and commerce.

Ohio Universal Waste Rule Amendments Nearly Final

November 20, 2017 Industry News
The amendments designate hazardous non-empty aerosol containers, hazardous antifreeze, and hazardous paint and paint-related wastes as “universal wastes,” to promote proper handling, recycling, or disposal of the hazardous waste.

House Passes Regulatory Reform Bill

November 7, 2017 Industry News
The bill addresses the “sue and settle” method often employed to force federal agencies to issue regulations without participation by states and/or the regulated community.

House Tax Legislation Advances ACA Tax Reform Aims

November 7, 2017 Industry News
Corporate tax reform is a federal priority for ACA, which has long maintained that U.S. manufacturers face higher tax costs than almost all their competitors in other countries. ACA has asked Congress to overhaul the tax code to create a climate that encourages innovation and spurs investment, job creation and economic growth.

SCAQMD Adopts Rule 1168 for Industrial Adhesives and Sealants

November 7, 2017 Industry News
The final rule amends volatile organic compound (VOC) limits and reporting requirements for industrial adhesives and sealants.

California Governor Signs Chemical Disclosure Bill into Law

October 24, 2017 Industry News
The new law requires companies to identify on labels and online information about the chemical ingredients found in cleaning products; that is, household and institutional products, and automotive care products, but not industrial products or cosmetics.

DOC Report Addresses Streamlining Regulatory Burdens for Domestic Manufacturing

October 24, 2017 Industry News
The Department of Commerce report presents recommendations for streamlining the federal permitting processes and reducing the regulatory burdens that affect domestic manufacturing. Notably, DOC highlights several of the regulations and issues raised by ACA, under the report's “Priority Regulatory and Permitting Issues” section.