Latest Industry News

State-level Unemployment Data Provides Additional Insight into Local Market Conditions

April 8, 2018 Industry News
Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggests that the labor markets vary considerably across the county, with higher than average unemployment in the Midwest and southwest, while low unemployment is seen in upper New England, the portions of the Mountain West, and the great plains.

World Manufacturing Output Doubles Since 2004

March 27, 2018 Industry News
World manufacturing output has exceeded $100 trillion since 2012, and stood at nearly $105 trillion in 2015, which is nearly double the output in 2004 ($55 trillion). However, for major manufacturing nations — including the United States, China, and Germany — manufacturing output, while generally growing, has generally declined or remained flat, as a percentage of national GDP during this period.

Nominations Sought for 2019 PMSE Tess Award in Coatings

March 26, 2018 Industry News
The American Chemical Society’s Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) is seeking nominations for the 2019 Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings. This award recognizes outstanding individual achievements and noteworthy contributions to coatings science, technology, and engineering.

EPA Proposes Universal Waste Designation for Aerosol Cans

March 13, 2018 Industry News
Under the proposed reclassification, aerosol cans, pressurized or spent — including spray paint cans — would be treated and handled as universal waste.

Industry Observers Anticipate Global Shipbuilding Expected to Rebound

March 13, 2018 Industry News
Global shipbuilding, and with it demand for marine coatings, has been driven largely by the strong growth in international trade in goods, as well as the world’s increasing demand for petroleum, which is shipped worldwide from the locations where it is abundant – such as the Middle East – to places where it is used, such as Europe and Japan.

CARACAL Refers ECHA Titanium Dioxide Classification Matter to Special Workgroup, Seeks Comment

March 13, 2018 Industry News
ACA, working in conjunction with its European counterpart, CEPE, will continue to press for open discussion and evaluations that embrace sound science and follow established risk assessment practice, by which the inherent safety of TiO2 use by the paint industry may be acknowledged.

Dr. Christopher Bowman to Receive 2018 Tess Award

March 13, 2018 Industry News
The award is presented annually by the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in recognition of outstanding contributions to coatings science, engineering, and technology.

ACA 2018 Company Performance Survey Now Open

March 13, 2018 Industry News
This survey of coatings manufacturers provides participants with a meaningful report card to determine how they are faring in relation to their peer competitors.

ACS 2018 Career Center to Help Connect Talent with Opportunity

March 13, 2018 Industry News
The Career Center will enable qualified job seekers to connect with coatings industry employers who will be participating in the American Coatings SHOW, April 10-12, in Indianapolis, Ind.

EPA Proposes New Chemical User Fees under TSCA

February 27, 2018 Industry News
EPA is proposing to set user fees applicable to anybody required to submit information to EPA under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). TSCA requires companies that manufacture (including import), distribute in commerce, or process a chemical substance (or any combination of such activities) to submit information to EPA under TSCA sections 4 or 5, and under TSCA section 6(b) if they manufacture a chemical substance that is the subject of a risk evaluation under TSCA.