Latest Industry News

Census QFR Program Provides Insights into Industry Financial Status

October 8, 2019 Industry News
Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) Program data are used as an important component in determining corporate profits for the GDP and National Income estimates. Additionally, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, and the FTC use QFR data to assess such things as industrial debt structure, liquidity, tax liability, and profitability.

TDMA, ACA Seek Support for Letter Urging EU Commission to Conduct Impact Assessment before Final Classification for Titanium Dioxide – Take Action!

The European proposal for the hazard classification of titanium dioxide will be discussed at a CARACAL meeting on Sept. 18, 2019. ACA urges members to ask the European Commission to conduct an impact assessment before making any final classification decisions on titanium dioxide.

Industrial Accident in China Impacts Coatings Supply Chains

June 4, 2019 Industry News
This incident has highlighted the complexity of the chemical supply chain and the importance to manufacturers of non-U.S. suppliers in many cases. Pigments, in particular, have seen extensive outsourcing of production to foreign suppliers. 

Update: Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule

April 8, 2019 Industry News
ACA supports EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts to effect changes to the rule that will provide continuity and certainty for regulated entities, the States, agency staff, and the public.

ACA 2019 Company Performance Survey Now Open

April 7, 2019 Industry News
This survey of coatings manufacturers provides participants with a meaningful report card to determine how they are faring in relation to their peer competitors.

New PCR for Resinous Floor Coatings Will Allow for Verifiable Environmental Product Declarations

March 25, 2019 Industry News
A Product Category Rule (PCR) for Resinous Floor Coatings is now available for free, and will allow for the publication of verifiable Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The PCR for Resinous Floor Coatings, conceived and shepherded by ACA, was facilitated by NSF International, a third party developer of public health standards and certification programs.

OEHHA Proposes Adding PCBTF to Prop 65 List

December 4, 2018 Industry News
Under Prop 65, individuals must provide warnings prior to exposure to a chemical identified by the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Rising Compensation in Construction Trades Linked to Local Market Conditions

November 6, 2018 Industry News
Construction wages paid in various markets are greatly impacted by local labor supply (particularly in skilled crafts), local wage expectations, the amount of influence of organized labor, among other things.

CoatingsTech Recognized for Special Issue on Automotive Coatings

July 2, 2018 Industry News
On June 25, the magazine was honored by Association Media & Publishing with a bronze EXCEL Award in the magazine category of Best Single-Topic Issue for CoatingsTech’s February 2017 issue on Automotive Coatings.

Construction Workforce, Especially Specialty Trades, Sees Above Average Wage Increases

June 19, 2018 Industry News
Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggest that construction workers are seeing slightly above average rates of growth in compensation.