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ACA Submits Comments to EPA on New Chemicals Review Program under Amended TSCA

February 13, 2018Industry News
The amended TSCA requires EPA to make one of several determinations regarding whether a new chemical presents unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment, and/or whether there is enough information to make said determination. ACA submitted comments to EPA to help ensure efficient, thorough, and reasonable review of chemicals under Section 5.

Supreme Court WOTUS Decision Brings State Lawsuits

February 13, 2018Industry News
ACA supports EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts to effect changes to the rule that will provide continuity and certainty for regulated entities, the States, agency staff, and the public.

Federal Debt Exceeds $20 Trillion and Might Rise Higher as Result of Recent Legislation

February 13, 2018Industry News
The current market value of gross federal debt now exceeds $20 trillion, a value that was first passed in early 2016. The primary subset of the overall debt is federal debt which is privately held, which is more than $12 trillion.

Graffiti Resource Council Attends 86th Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting

February 13, 2018Industry News
The Graffiti Resource Council is a nonprofit corporation whose primary goal is to prevent graffiti vandalism and provide creative solutions that promote graffiti-free communities. GRC provides information, education, and legislative assistance to help communities develop effective policies and comprehensive programs that prevent graffiti vandalism.

EPA Withdraws "Once-in-Always-In” Policy

January 30, 2018Industry News
The 'Once-in-Always-in' policy had been applied by EPA as a ‘rule,’ with binding effects on the regulated community, including very burdensome compliance costs.

Update: U.S. EPA Exempt Volatile Organic Compounds

January 30, 2018Industry News
U.S. EPA has exempted certain volatile organic compounds (VOC) compounds determined to have negligible photochemical reactivity; but various states and California Air Districts must go through a rulemaking to adopt these exemptions.

House Passes Miscellaneous Tariff Bill

January 30, 2018Industry News
The legislation is a compilation of petitions from companies that were vetted and recommended by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). The bill includes some 1,700 petitions that the ITC reported to Congress in August were eligible for duty-relief as products not produced or available in the United States.

Relative Importance of Coatings Rises in Comparison to Overall Industrial Production

January 17, 2018Industry News
The Federal Reserve’s industrial production (IP) index measures the real output of the manufacturing, mining, and electric and gas utilities industries. This index suggests that the highs and lows of the coatings industry’s production are somewhat more pronounced than that of the manufacturing economy in general.

Senate EPW Chairs Urge EPA to Rescind “Once-in- Always-in” Policy

January 16, 2018Industry News
The 'Once-in-Always-in' policy has been applied by EPA as a ‘rule,’ with binding effects on the regulated community, including very burdensome compliance costs.

ACA Urges Congress to Pass Infrastructure Investment Package

January 16, 2018Industry News
Infrastructure investment is one of several ACA federal priorities for the 115th Congress, and the association supports legislative action to modernize the nation’s infrastructure.