Biesterfeld and SONGWON Strengthen Cooperation in Europe


 Biesterfeld has expanded its partnership with South Korean manufacturer SONGWON. Building on the partners’ collaboration in the distribution of stabilizers, UV protection agents, and UV initiators for plastics and coatings, the portfolio will now be expanded to include the new functional monomers product group. Biesterfeld will be responsible for the European distribution of approximately 20 new products consisting of bisphenol-based monomers and high-performance monomers based on diacid anhydrides and dicyclopentadiene-phenol adducts (DCPD) for the production and modification of bonding agents.

“Resin manufacturers can benefit even more from the high performance, cost efficiency and competitive prices of our functional monomers, because we are now producing them in large quantities,” said Heinrich Schulte, head of Market Center Functional Monomers at SONGWON. “Our products are already well established on the Asian market, so now, working with Biesterfeld, we want to bring them to the European market.”

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