Beckers Opens Site in Poland

Beckers Group has officially opened its extended production site in Tarnów, Poland. Because of anticipated growth in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) market for pre-coated steel, Beckers decided to expand its Polish Coil Coatings factory that was erected in 2006, the company stated. The three-year project has doubled the size of the production installation, warehouse, and office space to more than 6,000 square meters.

The future estimated number of staff with production at full capacity is reportedly about 80 people. According to Beckers, production volumes will increase significantly and an overall reduction in environmental impact is anticipated due to new smart technology.

“Beckers Poland is determined to expand to meet customers’ current and future requirements for sustainable, high-quality, cost-efficient coatings. We have a mission: to add new color to the CEE,” said Danuta Zyder, Beckers Poland managing director.