BASF Expands Polyurethane Dispersion Business in Europe

BASF has announced a single-digit million-euro investment in the capacity expansion of water-based polyurethane dispersions at its Castellbisbal site in Spain. According to the company, the expansion will allow BASF to increase its production capacity by 30 percent.

“We want to continue to provide our customers with high-quality polyurethane dispersions and help them grow by ensuring supply reliability,” said Frank Hezel, VP Resins & Additives EMEA at BASF.

BASF stated that by expanding its portfolio in the field of adhesives, parquet flooring, automotive and industry coatings, it is making a valuable contribution to the change from solvent-based coating systems to environmentally friendlier and more sustainable water-based systems.

The new Basonol PU platform for automotive coating technologies ensures that the primers and base coats used for automobiles have better adhesion qualities and feature a smoother look, according to BASF.  The company stated that it intends to use the Epotal Eco product line to produce water-based compostable raw materials for adhesives at Castellbisbal that will play a decisive role in particular regarding the development of bio-degradable packaging material.

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