BASF and RiKarbon Inc., a U.S.-based technology start-up, have signed a partnership contract to exclusively license and commercialize proprietary technology from RiKarbon.

According to the companies, RiKarbon’s patented technology allows the upcycling of biowaste into biobased, biodegradable emollients for the global personal care market, supporting the industry to develop and implement innovative sustainable solutions.

According to the company, the R&D work at RiKarbon has demonstrated the conversion of biowaste to new emollient chemical structures, while quickly elevating the technology from the laboratory to the pilot stage. BASF also says that this technological innovation produces a clear and odorless emollient imparting soft and silky sensory properties to personal care formulations. BASF intends to bring the RiKarbon technology in house and is planning a market launch of its initial solutions in 2024.

“It has been an exciting journey to bring our technology to this point where we can partner with BASF,” said Basudeb Saha, president and chief executive officer of RiKarbon. “We look forward to the intense collaboration in the coming months and years.”

“With this partnership, BASF continues to demonstrate our investment in open innovation and expand our innovative offerings to our customers,” said Robert Parker, director of the New Business Development division and digital officer of Care Chemicals at BASF. “RiKarbon’s results from laboratory trials are very encouraging and show the potential of innovation for the personal care market.”