Bakelite Synthetics, producer of thermoset specialty resins and engineered thermoset molding compounds, has completed the acquisition of Georgia-Pacific’s chemicals business, aka Georgia-Pacific Chemicals.

Bakelite Synthetics says the acquisition adds to its portfolio of products, brand and customers, as well as building on its growth strategy of delivering innovative solutions to customers in a sustainable manner.

According to the company, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals brings with it complementary resin and formaldehyde technology and end markets in the building materials, transportation, industrial, chemical intermediate and specialty resins space. This acquisition includes 11 chemical facilities employing approximately 600 people in the U.S. and South America.

The company’s new headquarters will be based in Atlanta, Georgia, and the combined company will consist of approximately 1,500 associates and 21 manufacturing sites operating in 10 countries.

“We are excited about the opportunities that will result from the combined strengths of the two companies,” said JP Aucoin, CEO of Bakelite Synthetics. “This acquisition enables us to deliver greater value to our customers through a broader product offering and expanded geographic reach. It also enables us to deliver on significant organic growth with the strong tailwinds in U.S. residential construction.”