Axalta Announces New Names for the Spencer Coatings Group

Axalta has announced the new legal entity names for Spencer Coatings after its acquisition by Axalta in May 2017. Spencer Coatings Ltd in Huthwaite, England, became Axalta Coating Systems Huthwaite UK Limited; Protega Paints Ltd in West Bromwich, England, became Axalta Coating Systems West Bromwich UK Limited; and Performance Paints Ltd in Tewkesbury, England, became Axalta Coatings Systems Tewkesbury UK Limited.

“The new Axalta brand identity encompasses product literature, labels, stationery and so on, but of course all products and services remain the same,” said Richard Joyce, director and sales manager of Industrial Coatings for Axalta Coating Systems. “The customers can rest assured they will be receiving the same strong service, only now it is from Axalta.”

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