Active Minerals Increases Capacity for Gel Grade Products

Active Minerals International (AMI) has announced its latest capacity expansion is ready to begin at their Florida operations. This initiative, according to company President Dennis C. Parker, is aligned with increasing global demand in AMI’s major markets and new developments in international coatings markets.

AMI’s capacity expansion is designed to increase overall production of gel grade products by 40 percent. Equally important, according to AMI, is that the mining operation, which won the highest reclamation awards from the Georgia Mining Association six years in a row, is well positioned to meet the global demand for high-quality gellant crude for several decades. “AMI has a proven record of reliable supply of attapulgite products for over 50 years and this is just one of many steps we’ve taken to ensure we continue to do so for the next 50,” said Parker.

Parker stated that the rate of construction and infrastructure development in emerging economies is a factor for increasing demand for attapulgite. However, he adds, “the strong interest in AMI products by international customers and distributors stems from the fact that coatings professionals, from formulators to chief financial officers, recognize the world has only a handful of foremost authorities in attapulgite technology; and most of them are here at Active Minerals.”

AMI’s director of technical sales and marketing, Jeffrey B. Carr, describes additional factors driving demand. “Min-U-Gel ® attapulgite customers are a priority for Active Minerals. We bring the highest quality standards, customer service, and supply chain management practices to bear on customers’ behalf. Our Quincy, Fla. attapulgite operation serves our customers with more than 120,000 square feet of storage for bagged product, allowing us to ship from inventory and maintain short lead times, even during the coatings market’s busy Spring season.”

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