About Membership

ACA membership is offered for two broad categories: Corporate companies and Science & Technology professionals in the paint and coatings industry. Individual employees of ACA corporate member companies receive all of the exclusive benefits of corporate membership at no additional cost.

Corporate Membership

ACA is unique in that it represents members of the supply chain engaged in all aspects of the paint and coatings industry. ACA Corporate Membership encompasses the following categories: Manufacturer; Supplier; Distributor; Caulks, Sealants, Adhesives and Printing Inks; Equipment & Sundries; and Associate Members. With Corporate Membership, every employee at the company has access to all ACA benefits and services.

The benefits of corporate membership are manifold. Corporate members have access to all of ACA’s goods and services. Learn more by clicking on the right side titles.

Inquire about Corporate membership by completing the form below or contacting members@paint.org

ACA All Access


Members help to shape the direction and decisions that often determine industry positions before regulators and policymakers through participation in ACA Committees. ACA’s Committees — classified as issue management and industry sector — offer members a seat at the proverbial table and bring company representatives together as a formidable voice for industry. While companies can “go-it-alone,” ACA is both recognized and respected in the United States and internationally as the preeminent industry organization and being part of that body strengthens industry’s voice and stature.

Staff Experts

ACA’s Staff of experts of some 65 professionals are resources for specific information, with institutional knowledge about current and emerging issues on topics ranging from market information, to occupational health and safety, to federal and state clean air regulations.

Shaping Advocacy

ACA’s Advocacy activities follow the important policy matters — regulatory, legislative, and judicial — affecting our industry. ACA’s government affairs efforts are always attuned to the advancement of our industry’s interests, including protecting market and retail space for our industry and its products.

Events & Conferences

ACA hosts the paint and coatings industry’s premier Events & Conferences, including the American Coatings Show and Conference, as well as webinars on topics ranging from life cycle assessments to the latest technical innovations and applications in the industry.

Publications & Resources

ACA’s Publications and Resources, including CoatingsTech, Coatings Today,  Market Analyses for the Paint & Coatings Industry Paint & Coatings Buyers GuideJournal of Coatings Technology and Research, and myriad Regulatory Support Guides, provide members the relevant news and direction for day-to-day business and production decisions.

Questions About Membership?

Fill out the form, and you will be contacted by an ACA professional.

Professional Membership

Coatings Science & Technology Professional membership offers individuals working in the industry member pricing for educational and training programs, and access to science and technology publications and events. This category of membership is offered for industry consultants, employees of non-member companies, and those working in academia.

Apply for or renew your membership by clicking on a category below or by contacting members@paint.org.

Benefits of Membership

Access to ACA Publications

Benefits of Coatings Science & Technology Professional membership include:

  • Subscription to print and digital versions of CoatingsTech magazine
  • Subscription to Coatings Today bi-monthly e-newsletter
  • Online access to the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research
Select Discounts

Professional membership entitles individuals to select discounts, including:

  • Discounts on registration fees for conferences and webinars
  • Discounts on publication orders
Enhanced Web Access

This category of membership includes access to “members only” technical information on ACA’s website.

Join or Renew Membership

To join ACA as a Coatings Science & Technology Professional member or to renew your existing membership, please complete this form.

Complimentary Student Membership

Coatings Science & Technology Professional membership is also available free of charge to university-level coatings technology students. Student membership includes complimentary subscriptions to CoatingsTech magazine, Coatings Today, and the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research. Click here to apply for student membership.

Local Society Membership

Local and Regional Coatings Societies operate independently, but joining a local society at the same time you join ACA means a reduced rate on your ACA member dues. Consider joining today; click here to get started.

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