Industrial/OEM Coatings 2018-2020: Manufacturing Growth Remains High, Driving Coatings Demand
Forecast Based on Economic Indicator Data through December 2018


The American Coatings Association (ACA) has collaborated for many years with Decision Metrics, a consulting firm with extensive expertise in the coatings industry and in forecasting, to develop a predictive model that attempts to capture the size and growth rate of the total U.S. industrial/OEM coatings market. The model uses durable goods manufacturing and overall manufacturing productivity and labor hours as key predictors of industrial/OEM coatings demand. The model is refreshed quarterly.

Note: Prior to 2011, the U.S. Census published data specific to the value of industrial coatings shipments – but that report was suspended due to budget cuts. To provide a directional indicator of industrial coatings market size and growth, the ACA developed the predictive model of OEM and maintenance coatings demand based on the historic relationship between durable goods manufacturing and reported industrial/OEM coatings. The model uses only publicly available economic data which has been proven, based on over 100 quarters of historic data, to reliably predict industrial/OEM coatings demand with a confidence level greater than 90%.

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For more information, please contact ACA’s Allen Irish at or (202) 719-3681; or direct questions to Decision Metrics’ Lynda Gordon at or (440) 476-0351.