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[…] danger of having a reaction to latex paint. Meaning of VOC’s in paint What does ‘VOCs’ in paint mean? Consumers now have more choices than ever when making a decision […]

Technology Adoption in the Paint and Coatings Industry

[…] air, water, and other resources. For formulators, the goal is to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in automotive coatings without compromising the car’s appearance and the coating’s durability. Arrowsmith, Eastman: […]

Paint and Coatings Technologies to Watch for in 2021

[…] the physical and performance properties of traditional waterborne and solventborne systems while continuing to decrease VOCs. This is the case whether the goal is to replace a solventborne automotive OEM […]

EPA Proposes Retention of 2015 Ozone Standard

[…] EPA lowered the NAAQS for ozone from 75 ppb to 70 ppb. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) combined with nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sunlight, produce ground-level ozone, a principal component of […]