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The following features appear in the May 2014 issue of CoatingsTech:

SPECIAL FEATURE: American Coatings Show Review               

The American Coatings Show and Conference attracted industry professionals from around the world to Atlanta. In this issue, CoatingsTech showcases all of the event highlights and activities—from exciting product launches to award-winning presentations.


Radiation-cured Coatings: Regulations + Performance Expectations Drive Advances

Cynthia Challener, CoatingsTech Contributing Writer

Along with a growing global market for radiation-cure products, developers of raw materials used in the formulation of radiation-cured coatings and manufacturers of UV-, EB-, and LED-cured coatings face numerous challenges—from increasing regulatory requirements to growing expectations for more sustainable products. At the same time, there are significant cost pressures driving the introduction of products designed to provide maximum value in use. This article discusses the anticipated drivers for growth in the radiation-cured market and highlights areas of innovation.

New Superwetting Surfactants for Coatings Applications

 Jeanine M. Snyder, Ingrid K. Meier, and Ye Dai, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (USA) and Air Products and Chemicals (China) Investment Co. Ltd.

Applying water-based coatings onto low-energy substrates and contaminated surfaces presents significant challenges, especially with regard to proper wetting, flow, and leveling of the applied material. To improve these properties, surfactants that diffuse to and adsorb at interfaces are used to reduce surface tension. New, low-foaming optimized siloxane-based superwetting surfactants have been developed to provide premium equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction as well as improved flow and leveling for difficult-to-wet surfaces like wood, plastics, and dirty metal. This article discusses the importance of substrate wetting, flow, and leveling, and focuses on the performance of superwetting surfactants.


Economic Update: Automotive Coatings

Allen Irish, American Coatings Association

Aside from construction, no sector of the economy in the United States has a greater impact on the coatings industry than motor vehicle production. Although the automotive sector, along with its supplier industries such as coatings, rubber, and chemicals, was hit hard by the recession of 2007–2009 and its aftermath, there are signs of improvement. However, since the United States is a relatively mature market, most of the future growth in demand for motor vehicles (and by implications, automotive coatings), is expected to take place outside of the United States.



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