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May 2015 Issue

Coatings Xperience: Coatings Help Control the Release of Active Drug Substances

Protective coatings on pills can be as important in the treatment of illness as the chemicals in the pills. Controlled-release and sustained-release technology, which can offer improved clinical performance, can be imparted to tablets and capsules by the use of coatings. Coatings are also used to mask the taste of bitter active ingredients found in solid dosage drugs. Read more.


Sustainability: How Is Your Company Responding?

From setting up processes that consume fewer resources to formulating products with renewable content, members of the paint and coatings industry are enhancing their sustainability and supporting the efforts of their customers to do the same. We would like to provide our readers with snapshots that depict how the industry is managing sustainability. Please share what you are doing!



North Dakota State University: A Long-Standing Program Focuses on the Future

The North Dakota State University Coatings and Polymeric Materials department offers students a broad base of knowledge, active research opportunities, individual attention, and enhanced job prospects. Department chair Dr. Dean Webster and several current and former students discuss the program’s advantages in offering both the fundamentals of polymer technology and the practical applications of the science. Read more.


More in the May issue:

  • Market Analysis Preview: Energy Production in North America Driving Rail Rolling Stock Coatings Growth
  • Advances in Polyurethane Technology Provide Greater Value
  • Isocyanate-Free Urethane Coatings for Industrial Metal Applications
  • High Performance Energy-Curable Coatings

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