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July 2015 Issue

Traffic Marking: Meeting High Performance Expectations at the Lowest Possible Cost

Approximately $2 billion is spent annually on pavement markings in the United States, with many of the opportunities tied to a bidding process. Because state transportation departments have limited resources, the lowest-priced pavement markings that meet their specifications will typically be selected. In addition, some state DOTs require the use of specific ingredients, which creates a challenge for paint formulators, and performance requirements vary depending on local climate and traffic conditions. Formulators in this area are working to develop new technologies that enhance road markings’ durability, reflectivity, and water resistance. All these factors combine to make the traffic marking market highly competitive. Read more.


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Coatings Xperience: Coatings and Touchscreen Technology

By 2016, nearly 10 billion electronic devices connected to the Internet may be operated through a touchscreen interface, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, information kiosks, and home entertainment centers. Considering that they are designed to be frequently touched, keeping these surfaces clean of fingerprints and other contaminants can be quite a challenge. Unwanted glare and reflection can also negatively affect the user experience and reduce device performance through increased power consumption. Coating technologies are helping to overcome these difficulties. Read more. 


More in the July issue:

  • CoatingsTech 2015 Distributors Guide
  • Electrochemical Investigations in the Development of High Performance Coatings
  • Coatings Regulations & Analytical Methods Conference Wrap-Up

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