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September 2015 Issue

Coatings Xperience: Coatings Industry Challenged by New Lighting Technologies

New lighting standards are prompting a switch from traditional incandescent to new lamp technologies. As these are adopted by homeowners, the lighting exposure in the home setting is changing from that available in paint stores, leading to the selection of paint colors that do not appear as expected once on the walls of a home. Until the lighting industry agrees on standards for the light provided by newer lamps, the coatings industry must decide on new definitions for modern lighting conditions and determine their color rendering properties for paints. Read more.


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Transforming Concrete with Creativity and Staining Technology

The use of concrete for interior and exterior applications has increased due to the recognition of this substrate as a more sustainable, cost-effective material—one that may be used in aesthetically pleasing ways to revitalize existing spaces, as well as for new construction. From home patios to outdoor areas in hotels, do-it-yourselfers and commercial businesses alike are using concrete stains to create unique atmospheres. Different types of staining technology and application techniques allow concrete to mimic the luxurious look of stone, marble, and tile. Read more. 


More in the September issue:

  • Pushing the Limits on VOCs: High Performance Waterborne Acrylic Direct-to-Metal Coatings Below 50 g/L
  • Analytical Series: To Stick or Not to Stick—Guide to Adhesion Measurement for the Layman, Part II
  • Oregon State Legislature Passes Chemicals Management Program

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Articles from the August 2015 Issue:

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