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Featured in the January 2014 issue of JCTR:

2014 ACA Best Paper: Stress development and film formation in multiphase composite latexes—Kyle Price, Wenjun Wu, Kurt Wood, Stephanie Kong, Alon McCormick, and Lorraine Francis

Mechanical properties of UV-waterborne varnishes reinforced by cellulose nanocrystals—Vahe Vardanyan, Bouddah Poaty, Grégory Chauve, Véronic Landry, Tigran Galstian, and Bernard Riedl

Derivation of an instrumentally based geometric appearance index for the automotive industry—F. Mirjalili, S. Moradian, and F. Ameri

Self-stratifying coatings based on Schiff base epoxy resins— Ewa Langer, Sylwia Waśkiewicz, Helena Kuczyńska,and Grażyna Kamińska-Bach

Synthesis and radiation curing of acrylated castor oil glycerides—René Müller and Guido Wilke

Electrochemical behavior of hydrophobic silane–zeolite coatings for corrosion protection of aluminum substrate— Luigi Calabrese,Lucio Bonaccorsi,Angela Caprì,and Edoardo Proverbio 

Gas transport properties in waterborne polymer nanocomposite coatings containing organomodified clays—M. Stratigaki, G. Choudalakis, and A.D. Gotsis

Surface properties of alicyclic epoxy coatings modified with reactive copolymer containing fluorinated side chains—Mitsukazu Ochi, Natsuko Ichikawa, Ryou Shiota, Yoshiki Hattori, Miyuki Harada, Masanao Hara, and Hiroshi Uchida

Preparation and characterization of acrylic resin/protein composite crosslinked films—X.H. Qiang, Q. Xue, H. Zhang, Z. Yan, M. Li, W. Xu, and Y.J. Wang

Comparative examination of adhesive and cohesive properties of fluorinated coatings on stone/tile surfaces—Hau-Nan Lee, Anilkumar Raghavanpillai, Jing Li, Joel M. Pollino, Brad M. Rosen, and Siddhartha R. Shenoy

Coatings with metallic effect pigments for antimicrobial and conductive coating of textiles with electromagnetic shielding properties—Kristin Topp, Hajo Haase, Christoph Degen, Gerhard Illing, and Boris Mahltig

Kinetics and effect of surfactant and cosurfactant on miniemulsion polymerization of acrylate monomers—Hongqiang Li, Xiaokang Ren, Xuejun Lai, and Xingrong Zeng

The effect of zirconia ions on corrosion performance of sol–gel coated galvanized steel—Akshya Kumar Guin, Manish Bhadu, Mohua Sinhababu, and G. Udayabhanu

Application of CuCoMnO x coat by sol gel technique on aluminum and copper substrates for solar absorber application—Nahed El Mahallawy, Madiha Shoeib, and Yehia Ali

Wood surfaces protected with transparent multilayer UV-cured coatings reinforced with nanosilica and nanoclay. Part II: Application of a standardized test method to study the effect of relative humidity on scratch resistance—William Nguegang Nkeuwa, Bernard Riedl, and Véronic Landry

Brief Communication: The effect of TiO2, pigmentation on the hydrolysis of amino resin crosslinked epoxy can coatings—Saminu Musa Magami, Peter K. T. Oldring, Laurence Castle, and James Thomas Guthrie

Brief Communication:  On the potential of mean force of a sterically stabilized dispersion—R. Catarino Centeno, E. Pérez, and A. Gama Goicochea







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