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Featured in the July  2014 issue of JCTR:

Review Paper: Conducting polymers for corrosion protection: a review—Pravin P. Deshpande, Niteen G. Jadhav, Victoria J. Gelling, and Dimitra Sazou

Model-based analysis of thermal insulation coatings—Søren Kiil

A simple method for the fabrication of silica-based superhydrophobic surfaces—Qianqian Shang, Yonghong Zhou, and  Guomin Xiao

Nanosilica reinforced waterborne siloxane-polyurethane nanocomposites prepared via ‘click’ coupling—Xingjian Li, Jing Hu, Daoxing Sun, and Yiheng Zhang

Effects of different silicon-based surface active additives on degradability of clearcoats exposed to bird droppings—B. Ramezanzadeh, M. Mohseni, and N. Naseh

Enhancement of corrosion protection of 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane-based sol–gel coating through methylthiourea doping—Rajendran Babhu Vignesh and Mathur Gopalakrishnan Sethuraman

Wavelength dependence of Kubelka–Munk scattering spectra for studies of TiO2 microstructure and aggregation in paints—N.J. Elton and A. Legrix

Preparation and characterization of transparent fluorocarbon emulsion doped with antimony tin oxide and TiO2 as thermal-insulating and self-cleaning coating—Xiande Lu, Gang Yu, Quan Tan, Bonian Hu,  Jun Zhang, and Qizhi Dong

Novel moisture-cured hyperbranched urethane alkyd resin for coating application—R.B. Naik, N.G. Malvankar, T K. Mahato, D. Ratna, and R. S. Hastak

Synthesis of antistatic hybrid nanocomposite coatings using surface modified indium tin oxide (ITO) nanoparticles—Mostafa Jafari, Azam Rahimi. Parvin Shokrolahi, and Amir Ershad Langroudi

Synthesis of hollow α-Fe2O3–silica composites templated by poly(acrylic acid) colloidal aggregates—Dan Liu, Ziheng Li, Gen Li, Fei Wang, and Wenquan Wang

Epoxy resin from cardanol as partial replacement of bisphenol A-based epoxy for coating application—Mukesh Kathalewar and Anagha Sabnis

Effect of cardanol diol on the synthesis, characterization, and film properties of aqueous polyurethane dispersions—Kattimuttathu I. Suresh and M.G. Harikrishnan

Synthesis and characterization of phosphorus- and silicon-containing flame-retardant curing agents and a study of their effect on thermal properties of epoxy resins—Seema Agrawal, and Anudeep Kumar Narula

Surface characterization of some porous natural stones modified with a waterborne fluorinated polysiloxane agent under physical weathering conditions—I. Ugur

APS-silane modification of silica nanoparticles: effect of treatment’s variables on the grafting content and colloidal stability of the nanoparticles—Pardis Rostamzadeh, S. Mojtaba Mirabedini, and Masoud Esfandeh

Brief Communication: Water permeability of quarry stone superficially modified by plasma polymerization of hexamethyldisiloxane at atmospheric pressure—J. Antonio López-Barrea, O.G. Pimentel-Tinoco, Roberto Olayo-Valles, Juan Morales-Corona, and Roberto Olayo







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