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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (JCTR)


ACA is pleased to announce that a special issue of Journal of Coatings Technology and Research was published in January 2014. The issue, produced in collaboration with the International Society of Coating Science and Technology, includes influential articles from the 2013 “International Coating Science and Technology Symposium,” which was held September 2012 in Atlanta, GA. The issue was guest edited by Prof. Hadj Benkreira of the University of Bradford, UK, who had served as ISCST Vice President (Europe) in 2010-2012.

Listed below are the titles that are featured in the January 2014 issue::

Introduction to Special Issue—Prof. Hadj Benkreira, Guest Editor

Improving surface properties by laser-based drying, gelation, and densification of printed sol-gel coatings—Dominik Hawelka, Jochen Stollenwerk, Norbert Pirch, Konrad Wissenbach, and Peter Loosen

A Raman spectroscopic method to find binder distribution in electrodes during drying—Hideki Hagiwara, Wieslaw J. Suszynski, and Lorraine F. Francis

Effect of shim configuration on flow dynamics and operability windows in stripe slot coating process—Gui Hua Han, Si Hyung Lee, Won-Gi Ahn, Jaewook Nam, and Hyun Wook Jung

Analytical prediction of roll coating with counter-rotating deformable rolls—Bettina Willinger and Antonio Delgado

Visualization study of liquid surface stability for full reverse 3-roll coater with rigid gravure roll—Hirokazu Kobayashi and Masato Sasaki

Effect of sloped die lip geometry on the operability window in slot coating flows using viscocapillary and two-dimensional models—Si Hyung Lee, See Jo Kim, Jaewook Nam, Hyun Wook Jung, and Jae Chun Hyun

Slot die coating of lithium-ion battery electrodes: investigations on edge effect issues for stripe and pattern—Marcel Schmitt, Philip Scharfer, and Wilhelm Schabel

Fluid dynamic properties and wetting behavior of coating inks for roll-to-roll productiton of polymer-based solar cells—L. Wengeler, K. Peters, M. Schmitt, T. Wenz,
P. Scharfer, and W. Schabel

Liquid film coating of small molecule OLEDs—Katharina Peters, Lukas Wengeler, Philip Scharfer, and Wilhelm Schabel

Brief Communication: A simulation model to approximate penetration of a non-Newtonian fluid into a porous media during slot die coating—Xiaoyu Ding, Thomas F. Fuller, Tequila A.L. Harris

Brief Communication: The effect of solidification on the casting window after bubble entrainment—Zakaria Y. Ahmad and Tequila A.L. Harris

Brief Communication: Wetting behavior of the shear thinning power law fluids—Sima Didari, Zakaria Y. Ahmad, James D. Veldhorst, and Tequila A.L. Harris

Brief Communication: Spreading of emulsions on a solid substrate—A. Mohammad Karim and H.P. Kavehpour











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