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Industry Advocacy & Promotion

Contains materials that provide a general overview of the industry, including "The Value Added by Paints and Coatings brochure," "Economic Contributions" fact sheet, and "Addressing Environmental Issues Proactively" fact sheet. Also included are brochures on "Technological Development" and "Sustainability."

A newsletter written to educate and sensitize policymakers to issues of particular concern to the paint industry. Each issue focuses on a time-sensitive topic, providing detailed background information and offering industry solutions.

Part of ACA's Communications Outreach Program materials, this brochure focuses on the paint and coatings industry's contributions to Sustainability with a specific message: Coatings Protect. Coatings Preserve. Coatings Provide.

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The United States exported $1.8 billion in paint and coatings products in 2010, up by 24 percent, or $343 million, from 2009.

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