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A grassroots program that provides a versatile way for industry members to get involved in the legislative and regulatory issues that impact the paint and coatings industry.

The Communications Outreach Program was designed to introduce and promote the positive contributions of the paint and coatings industry, including our products and the industry’s vital role in the American economy. The program offers materials that include industry statistics, quantifiable information on industry's envirnonmental strides, a comprehensive overview of industry products, the history of advances in coatings technology, and sustainability awareness.

This program aids employers in the implementation of an effective hazard communication program. HMIS® offers comprehensive resources covering hazard assessment, hazard communication, and employee training.

Established to ensure that the industry had a forum to fully discuss and coordinate the development of global industry policy on critical international issues facing the paint and coatings industry, the council provides an avenue for information exchange and cooperation on the major issues and priorities facing paint, coatings and printing ink industries worldwide. 

The council is a nonprofit corporation, whose primary goal is to prevent the illegal or harmful misuse of legitimate consumer products, especially by young people. The council is funded by the paint and other industries concerned with stopping such product misuse.

Paint manufacturers and raw material suppliers have an opportunity to benefit from cooperative consumer market research through the Paint Consumer Research Program, (PCRP). In existence for over 25 years, this program allows subscribers to view not only “snapshots” of the market, but also longer term trends. 

Following the passage of the first U.S. paint product stewardship legislation in Oregon in 2009, ACA formed the new non-profit organization PaintCare Inc. to represent manufacturers and implement paint stewardship programs in Oregon and other states that adopt similar legislation for the management of post-consumer paint.

The association’s political action committee provides ACA’s with an avenue through which it can educate decision makers with regard to important industry issues.  

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ACA offers valued benefits to technical professionals, educators, sales and marketing professionals, and consultants working in the paint and coatings industry. We also offer memberships for students who may be interested in learning more about the industry and retired professionals who have served the industry during their careers.

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The United States exported $1.8 billion in paint and coatings products in 2010, up by 24 percent, or $343 million, from 2009.

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