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IPPIC Annual Meeting Provides Forum for Global Paint Industry


The Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation (APMF) hosted the International Paint and Printing Ink Council’s (IPPIC) annual meeting last month in Noosa Heads, Australia. The meeting led to the advancement on multiple key topics of consideration and reviewed the council’s efforts over the last year to advance a number of activities in product labeling and hazardous materials transport, cancer risk assessment, nanotechnology standards development, and marine coatings before various global agencies, including the International Maritime Organization, United Nations Globally Harmonized System and Transport of Dangerous Goods Subcommittees, International Agency for Cancer, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ACA, as IPPIC Secretariat, provided an update on the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (GAELP) workshop for governments held in September 2014 in New Delhi, India, and agreed to a number of continuing activities with the alliance. The group discussed additional IPPIC outreach to global paint companies describing the nature and extent of IPPIC’s commitment to the GAELP mission and opportunities for industry involvement.

IPPIC is comprised of paint and printing ink trade associations representing Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, and the United States. IPPIC provides a forum for information exchange and cooperation on the major issues and priorities facing the paint and printing ink industries worldwide.

ACA also reported on the past year’s efforts to offer paint industry technical perspective on draft (ISO) documents pertaining to nanotechnology standards development. IPPIC’s Nanotechology Standards Work Group continues to monitor and react to emerging ISO standards on nanotechnology being developed under TC 229. This effort, which is being principally managed by FIPEC, the French industry association, is important in light of the coatings industry’s longstanding use of raw materials containing nanosized particles, and the expected ongoing innovation involving the use of nanomaterials.

Additionally, updates on activities from various affiliate organizations including the Latin American Federation of Paint Manufacturers (LATINPIN) and the Asian Paint Industry Council (APIC) were provided. Modeled after IPPIC, the newly formed LATINPIN represents coatings associations from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador. ANAFAPYT (Mexico) and ABRAFATI (Brazil) have taken leadership roles by providing the first president and vice-president respectively. The newly formed federation plans to meet annually and will integrate itself into the broader IPPIC network, much like APIC.

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