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Occupational Health & Safety

ACA is dedicated to promoting occupational health and safety as a priority for its members.

ACA's Occupational Health & Safety Committee is responsible for recommending ACA policy on matters relating to health and safety within members' facilities. The committee strives to provide association members with guidance that will enable them to effectively manage their health and safety programs. The committee and its workgroups remain alert to developing issues and facilitate communication between the industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the American National Standards Institute, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the National Fire Protection Association, and other standard-setting organizations to facilitate new standards which are both beneficial and feasible. In addition, the committee assists staff in keeping the membership appraised of recent developments that may impact plant operations and issues guidance documents to encourage full compliance among association members. The committee also provides technical support for the Manufacturing Management Code under Coatings Care®.

In manufacturing, distribution, or chemical supply facilities there will be one or more employee designated as an Occupational Health & Safety expert. These employees are usually certified in industrial hygiene or a closely related field. Their responsibilities will center on the recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace hazards towards keeping facility employees safe from harm. This may include performing safety checks to make sure that personal protective equipment worn used by employees is worn correctly, implementing new state and federal workplace safety regulations designed to protect employees, and many other duties.

In an effort to promote occupational safety and health as a priority for industry, ACA encourages and recognizes its members with outstanding safety records through its Safety Awards Program. The purpose of the program goes beyond recognizing superior safety performance at plant locations; it also enables the collection of valuable data. This information on industry safety is useful to member companies in assessing the effectiveness of their safety programs as compared with others in the industry. ACA operates the program to benchmark the industry's commitment to workplace safety.

The ACA Safety Awards are comprised of the following categories:

  • Safety Awards of Excellence
    These awards are presented to companies in various sized categories for establishing zero death and total lost workday cases for the subject five-year period.
  • Safety Awards of Honor
    These awards are presented to companies for having the lowest rate of death and total lost workday cases for the latest reporting year.
  • Safety Awards of Commendation
    These awards are presented to companies for having the lowest rate of death and away-from-work cases during the latest reporting year.
  • Safety Awards of Merit
    These awards are presented to companies for the most improved safety records for a specified reporting period.


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