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Meetings & Conferences

Includes a list of all upcoming ACA events including Committee meetings, ACSeries conferences, Virtual Learning Conferences, and other offerings. 

CoatingsTech Conference

This key educational event, which is held on alternate years with the American Coatings Conference, explores the most innovative methodologies and applications shaping the coatings industry.

Industry Calendar

Includes upcoming industry events across the globe.

American Coatings Show

Held in partnership with Vincentz Network – publisher of international coatings journals and the organizer of the European Coatings Show and Conference – the American Coatings Show and Conference (ACS/ACC) is an exhibition and technical conference designed as a sister event to the European event. The conference is a 2-day event providing a forum for the foremost scientific minds in the industry, featuring top-notch scientific papers and speakers. The show is a marketplace for presentation of products and services for the production of high-grade and competitive paint and coatings.


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The United States exported $1.8 billion in paint and coatings products in 2010, up by 24 percent, or $343 million, from 2009.

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