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The Five-Point Program for Leftover Paint The Five-Point Program for Leftover Paint

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This brochure provides a step-by-step method for consumers to safely dispose leftover latex and alkyd paint, as well as paint thinners, mineral spirits, and solvents. It also lists several sources for further information.

5 point plan, five point plan

Protocol for Management of Post-Consumer Paint Protocol for Management of Post-Consumer Paint

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A guidance manual designed for anyone involved or interested in household waste management. The protocol discusses education issues, the main types of waste management programs, cost considerations, recycling steel cans and aerosols.

Guidance Manual for Paint Reuse Programs Guidance Manual for Paint Reuse Programs

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The development of effective, economical programs for the proper management of post-consumer paint is in the best interests of government, industry and the public. One type of program that has been successful for states, municipalities, non-profits and other organizations is a reuse program. This publication provides details on how to establish an effective reuse program. Developed in concert with state and local program officials participating in the Paint Product Stewardship Initiative dialogue, the manual reinforces the benefits of reuse programs including, how the donation of surplus materials, such as paint, provides companies and individuals with a no-cost method to support non-profit agencies and their communities; and how reuse programs serve to educate the public about the proper use and disposal of hazardous household materials generally.

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