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High Road Sells the Crown Group to PPG

October 9, 2017 Business News
High Road Capital Partners has completed 43 transactions — 17 platform investments, 20 add‐on acquisitions and six exits — since its founding in 2007.

Ferro Expands Ceramic Coatings Business

October 9, 2017 Business News
Ferro expects the transaction to be accretive to earnings and 2018 post-synergy adjusted EBITDA, which is forecasted to be approximately $13-14 million.

Wacker Expands Production Plants in South Korea

October 9, 2017 Business News
Capital expenditures of around €60 million are budgeted for the capacity increase and for expanding local infrastructure. Construction is scheduled to start before the end of the year and is expected to be finished by Q1 2019.

Azelis Americas Combines P.T. Hutchins and Ribelin

October 9, 2017 Business News
According to the company, it is comprised of a team of technical sales representatives, supported by application labs with degreed chemists, technical marketing, and best in class customer service and will continue to bring value and accelerated growth to Azelis’ principal partners and to over 7,000 customers across the United States.

IMCD Adds Coatings Application Laboratory

October 9, 2017 Business News
The coatings laboratory will support customers and suppliers, offering market trend advice, problem solving, formulation guidance, and product performance testing, IMCD stated.

Cal Poly Raises $1.1 Million to Fund Expansion of Coatings Facilities

October 8, 2017 Industry News
Cal Poly's Western Coatings Technology Center connects the university’s Polymers and Coatings Program to partners in industry. Through the center, Cal Poly offers intensive short courses, testing services, contract research, and other collaborative opportunities to the paint and coatings industry.

California Governor Expected to Sign Chemical Disclosure Bill

September 26, 2017 Industry News
If enacted, the measure that was passed by the California Senate and Assembly earlier this month, would require companies to identify on labels and online information the chemical ingredients found in cleaning products; that is, household and institutional products, and automotive care products, but not industrial products or cosmetics.

ACA Responds to Washington State Antifouling Boat Paint Alternatives Report

September 26, 2017 Industry News
Washington State is requiring that copper used as a biocide in anti-fouling boat paint be phased out for recreational use (vessels under 65 ft.) by 2020.

Ohio Proposes Amendments to Universal Waste Rule

September 26, 2017 Industry News
Ohio EPA is in the process of adopting universal waste regulations for paint and paint-related wastes largely based on Texas' universal waste rules.

BASF to Acquire Solvay’s Polyamide Business

September 25, 2017 Business News
The acquisition would complement BASF’s engineering plastics portfolio and expand the company’s position as a solution provider for the transportation, construction, industrial applications, and consumer industries, the company stated.