Latest Industry News

ACA Presses Infrastructure Investment with President, Congress

February 14, 2017 Industry News
ACA believes new investment is required to improve upon the stopgap efforts of the last decade, and urges passage of a balanced infrastructure investment plan that will lift our nation’s economy and improve our transportation network.

ACA Testifies in Support of PaintCare® Bills in Maryland and Washington

February 14, 2017 Industry News
PaintCare® undertakes the responsibility for ensuring an environmentally sound and cost-effective program for post-consumer paint management.

Congressional Review Act Resolution Introduced to Block Final EPA RMP Rule

February 14, 2017 Industry News
The Congressional Review Act, passed in 1996, allows Congress to vote to overturn any regulation during a period of 60 days after the regulation has been created.

PHMSA HM-215N, International Harmonization, Caught in Regulatory Freeze

February 14, 2017 Industry News
PHMSA counsel has interpreted the regulatory freeze very broadly; consequently, until being reviewed as required by the memorandum, the agency will not be responding to email requests; providing any regulatory guidance or interpretations; or issuing/renewing any special permits or approvals.

White House Orders “Regulatory Freeze”

January 31, 2017 Industry News
The memorandum directs federal agency/department heads to withhold sending any regulations to the Federal Register for publication until a current administration agency/department head reviews them.

Coalition Letter Urges Congressional Action on EPA’s Risk Management Program Final Rule

January 31, 2017 Industry News
EPA’s RMP program applies to all stationary sources with processes that contain more than a threshold of a regulated substance. The program’s elements are intended to prevent accidental releases and reduce the severity of releases that occur.

IPPIC and Vincentz Network Host 2017 Coatings Summit in Shanghai

January 31, 2017 Industry News
This strategy and networking event brought together senior level executives of coatings companies and suppliers from all regions of the world to explore major trends, challenges and solutions for serving an increasingly global coatings market.

ACA Supports California’s Biofouling Regulation Amendments

January 31, 2017 Industry News
California’s biofouling regulations require ocean-going vessels entering the ports of California to have minimum biofouling on the underwater portion of their hulls and niche areas.

CNCIA Hosts Symposium on Paint Industry Environmental Regulations and Best Practices

January 31, 2017 Industry News
The China National Coatings Industry Association’s (CNCIA) symposium featured discussion on regulations for industrial surface and auto refinish coatings, and also addressed air quality and solid waste regulations in the United States and Europe.

ACA Shares its Federal Priorities with Incoming Administration

January 17, 2017 Industry News
ACA would like to work with the new administration and the 115th Congress on meaningful progress and reform on these urgent issues of import to the paint and coatings industry.