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ACA Submits Comments on TSCA Rulemakings to EPA

March 28, 2017 Industry News
The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, signed into law on June 22, 2016, mandates the agency to restrict chemicals already in commerce that pose unreasonable risks to public health and the environment. Since January, EPA has released multiple proposed regulations that will impact how EPA evaluates chemicals used in the coatings industry.

Congress Passes Resolution to Overturn OSHA Final Rule on Recordkeeping Citations

March 28, 2017 Industry News
Last December, OSHA released its final rule clarifying an employer’s continuing obligation to make and maintain accurate injury and illness records. The final rule extended the statute of limitations for which the agency can issue citations for recording, keeping violations to five years and six months, as opposed to just six months that most employers interpreted previously.

EPA Delays Implementation of Final Rule for Wood Composite Formaldehyde Emissions

March 28, 2017 Industry News
EPA has once again pushed back the implementation date for its final rule that limits formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products as a result of President Trump’s regulatory freeze, which initially delayed implementation until March 21, 2016. Implementation is now set for May 22, 2017.

ACA Submits Amicus Brief in Support of Daubert

March 28, 2017 Industry News
ACA maintains that the faithful application of the Daubert standards for the admission of expert testimony is vital to the fair decision-making process of jurors in Texas courts.

EPA RMP Rule Delayed Again

March 28, 2017 Industry News
The RMP effective date is now delayed until June 19, 2017. The final RMP rule amendments have encountered extreme resistance since EPA first issued them in mid-January.

House Passes Tort Reform Measures

March 13, 2017 Industry News
One measure takes aim at plaintiffs’ attorneys seeking to include unrelated in-state defendants in lawsuits to keep the cases in what bill supporters say are more plaintiff-friendly state courts; the other, class actions.

Ohio EPA Continues to Work on ‘Universal Waste’ Rulemaking

March 13, 2017 Industry News
Ohio EPA has acknowledged that it is still working on a response-to-comments document and is hoping to have a rule out as early as May.

DOC Seeks Feedback on White House Regulatory Streamlining Memorandum

March 13, 2017 Industry News
The Department of Commerce (DOC) is seeking specific information about the impact of federal permitting regulations and general regulations on U.S. manufacturers to streamline federal permitting processes for domestic manufacturing and to reduce regulatory burdens.

Vermont Chemicals Management Bill Extends to Consumer Products

March 13, 2017 Industry News
Legislation seeking to significantly broaden chemicals management has been introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives.

PHMSA Notice Offers Carriers Assurance in midst of Harmonization Flux

February 28, 2017 Industry News
PHMSA says it won’t penalize companies conforming to new international hazardous material regulations not yet harmonized within the U.S. Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).