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SCAQMD Rulemaking for Industrial Adhesives and Sealants Progresses

September 12, 2017 Industry News
Industrial applications of adhesives and sealants are subject to air quality regulations in the states and local air districts in California. There is no national rule for industrial adhesives and sealants. Rule 1168 remains the most stringent regulation for industrial adhesive applications, and it has been embraced by the Green Building community as the "standard" for adhesives and sealants in the construction of new buildings.

California Biofouling Management Regulations Effective Oct. 1

August 29, 2017 Industry News
California’s biofouling regulations require ocean-going vessels entering the ports of California to have minimum biofouling on the underwater portion of their hulls and niche areas.

EPA Retracts Ozone Implementation Delay; Legislation Still in Play

August 29, 2017 Industry News
While the new ozone standard was set on Oct, 1, 2015, there remain a host of issues that could undermine compliance efforts by states and localities.

EPA Considers First 10 Chemicals for Risk Evaluation under Amended TSCA

August 29, 2017 Industry News
EPA’s scoping documents will shape evaluations of the first 10 chemicals for initial risk evaluation under TSCA: asbestos; pigment violet 29; 1,4-dioxane; cyclic aliphatic bromides cluster; carbon tetrachloride; 1-bromopropane; methylene chloride; n-methylpyrrolidone; trichloroethylene; and tetrachloroethylene.

IPPIC and IMarEST Launch Template for Biofouling Management Plan

August 15, 2017 Industry News
The IPPIC and IMarEST template addresses issues germane to coatings in the IMO’s 2011 “Guidelines for the Control and Management of Ships' Biofouling to Minimize the Transfer of Invasive Aquatic Species."

ACA Seeks Tax Treatment Adjustment

August 15, 2017 Industry News
Corporate tax reform is a federal priority for ACA, which has long maintained that U.S. manufacturers face higher tax costs than almost all its competitors in other countries. ACA believes the current tax system has created an uncertain environment that consistently undermines manufacturers’ ability to compete and succeed in the global marketplace.

ACA Joins Coalition Letter on Maintaining NAFTA ISDS

August 15, 2017 Industry News
ACA believes that investment and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) remain high priorities in the NAFTA modernization to strengthen enforcement and ensure the fair treatment for U.S. individual, non-profit and business investors.

Chemical Distributors Maintain Important Role in Supply Chain

August 15, 2017 Industry News
The Census reported on Aug. 9 that sales of chemical distributors (not including manufacturers’ sales branches and offices), were $465.8 billion, up 0.7 percent from the revised May level, and up 5.5 percent from the June 2016 level on a seasonally adjusted basis.

EPA to Publish Three Final Rules under TSCA

August 1, 2017 Industry News
EPA’s issuance of final rules for ‘Prioritization,” “Risk Evaluation,” and “Inventory Reset,” will impact how EPA evaluates chemicals used in the coatings industry.